Acoustic Album Song List

Planning an acoustic album.  Just me and the guitar…maybe some kind of bongo or something too, who knows.   What’s your favorite (non-rap!) BrySi song?  I’d like to get the top 10 and do an acoustic mix of it.  Leave a comment!  Going to start working on it this weekend!

Suggestions :

The Zombies Song
Reach Beta
I’m A Gamer
Wish I Had A Jetpack


Thanks for sharing with your friends!


  1. Dude want to be xbox live friend gamer tag DeFcOnsniper

  2. Reach Beta. Even though I have PS3, I have played the game and love it. I’d like to get an Xbox… but definitely Reach Beta.

  3. zombies,REACH BETA THE ARENA FLYING ROUND IN JET PACKS NO SCOPE BARREL ROLL CAPTRING THE FLAG love that a gamer 3, hope that helps btw can u make the zombies not acoustic but like a real song plz. and if i send you in a song fan made would u use it. my youtube chiller5729 kk bie.

  4. Justin L

    I wish I had a jetpack! I honestly have listened to it over 100 times! I just love it. MAD props to you sir.

  5. my new home in halo <3

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