COD vs Halo RAP!! HOT!

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  1. Cod is halos grave

  2. Manticwheelwheel

    Cod sucks

  3. Anonymous

    Halo rules

  4. Halo and cod are the best i love them both add me SHARPSH00TER785

  5. aaXawsomeX


    • That cheese is cool


  6. mooooooooo

    HALO IS BEAST cod suck

  7. awesome asome

    man all you suck cod rules and you no it

  8. I gotta go with youforix halos the best add me on Xbox my names Draks20

  9. call of duty sucks.i could beat the whole game easly

  10. Anonymous

    All about Cos no scoping across tja map all day

  11. omg how briysi uare best

  12. Cod better then shall

  13. That was hot!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Cod is terrible

    Halo rocks
    Beats cod any time

  15. Cod sucks !

    I like halo way better

  16. Halo owns

    I like halo better

  17. Halo reach

    halo owns all

  18. Halo gets cods butt. Halo 4 ever

  19. chance

    add me on cod my name is pits72

  20. Anonymous

    halo compared to COD halo is a faggot dick.

  21. i thought the halo reach rap was better but cod is twice as better than halo any day the halo dude was wrong cod takes more skill and i already know the whole song and i rap it all the time halo sucks cock

  22. i like reach but reach has its flaws – in infection there are too many glitches – bungee hasn’t had a hint – I do not know why they focus there attention on community slayer and fire fight which they have updated – the update for fire fight isn’t that good anyway and on community slayer they picked the worst maps and I think they should make a custom match making mode but to be honest cod isn’t that good anyway and the 2 previous games were better and I am going to have to play games that are missing something.

  23. Anonymous

    i hate all peple

  24. Anonymous

    cod is god comfette lol

  25. Anonymous

    halo3 was better than reach in reach bungee changed it to much i hate amourlock noobzz lolololo

  26. Anonymous

    hi u have a bug i always goes to 1 song off halo 3 fix it

  27. cods its last name its sucs lololollooollloooollloolollol

  28. coduty is its last name lolololollollloooolll

  29. Anonymous

    i like halo reach GO HALO REACH

  30. Anonymous

    cod is the best

  31. Anonymous

    cod is better then halo

  32. battlefield

    battlefield bad company 2 graphics are way beter than cod and halo

  33. cod king

    one time in mw2 i get 56 kills in one game while in halo i get 8 kills in one match

    HALO SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. cod king

    halo quickscopes are shit cod is the best game for quickscopes

  35. cod king

    halo is shit

  36. cod king

    i m 10 prestige in cod mw 2
    and i get 2 tactical nuke in one match

    COD 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Anonymous

    CoD is more fun then Halo

  38. Anonymous

    call of duty for ever

  39. that one guy

    halo is okay but bungie is stupid….and treyarc suck’d at handling black ops. face it… infinity ward owns both. IW made a better game twice and sold more mw and mw2 copies than any game ever. so you can stop arguing which is better now.

  40. Anonymous

    cod sucks

  41. Jack_Attack

    ok, yeah i’ll take my Halo any day over CoD. And stop complaining about how Halo isnt realistic, in “theory” its way more realistic than Cock of Duty. I mean in real life if you get shot once with any of the guns in cod then you would be on the ground… but in Halo your a super soldier and the “concept” of that is more realistic then cod… but again, would you play a game thats designed to be realistic, you would get to angry, plus call of duty is like completely different from actual war.

  42. You stop acting like you pwn at halo when you know call of duty is way better i know you have all of the call of dutys!!!!

  43. It’s really no contest everyone knows COD is KING!!

  44. blackchopper12

    hay man i like both but halo pwn halo all the way

  45. no doubt. a comment on the halo not bein realistic… Hows gettin a random attack chopper in the middle of a fight realistic at all?
    i like cod but it aint got nothin on halo

  46. flipabich

    too easy…
    seriously how gay does this sound…?
    oh yeah i killed 11 dudes and now i get to call my attack poodle…
    gotta go with halo, more skill and you dont die in gay ways…

  47. COD is better.

    I can’t find where to download this track and I want it, please help?

  48. were can i download this

  49. Elite 813

    Cod allll day. halo is to unrealistic.

  50. This is worse than Xbox vs PS3…

    Call of duty all the way !


  52. starkillermarek

    OMG Brysi. This is definitely your best track yet. Increase the <3 because of it.

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