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  1. Andre Hardy

    Really, youtube? Come on! This was the best rap since the Ghosts rap! Why would you take it down?

  2. how can i watch aliens vs zombies it was my fav plz do something brysi

    • The PS3 is having it’s fair share of toblure. You just don’t see it as much because Sony deletes complaints from forums and as a rule they don’t publicly address their customers the way that Microsoft does. They are also harder to contact when issues come up, causing many to just throw in the towel.The developers find DVD space to small for the future of gaming was Sony’s expansion into their Blue Ray drives. The truth of the matter is that many games do not use the full DVD media. The problem that developers face is the limits of the hardware. At E3 2006, Sony used that reasoning and was embarrassed by the responses that a lot of studios gave when they stated that it was the hardware, not the media space.Game wise, the 360 s library of games is one of it’s strongest points. The number of exclusives and exclusive content is becoming unprecedented. Even though the PS3 is starting to get moving with software releases, the number if quality titles coming out is not staggering, most of them have even been out for the 360 for almost a year.As for it being a good choice, that is a personal choice that only you can make. There are some that love the PS3, and those that would laugh at you for buying it while telling you that it was dead in the water a month after it’s release. It is no better or worse technically than the 360. The only REAL issues to separate the two are the amount of games and the quality of online play. If the PS3 entertains you and gives you memorable gaming experiences, then it was a good choice.

    • I finished rnidaeg the screenplay. I liked the idea, but the story is not complete beginning to end. The characters were not developed, I wanted to know what got them to where they were, what is the backstory. The action writing needs more work to anchor the story so that the reader doesnt float away and get lost. I do appreciate the effort and time spent on this screen play to transport the reader back to childhood.VN:F [1.9.17_1161](from 0 votes)

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